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Project Description

SnagL™ (Social Network Analysis Graph Live) is a light-weight, pluggable Silverlight application that operates within the browser. It works with existing applications and databases to provide a visual way to understand information and enhance the understanding of it. In more general terms, it is an application that can be easily added to an existing web site and is used to view and analyze data in a visual manner.

SnagL™ is an active R&D project being developed and it was decided to release it to you, the development community, as open source.  Since this product is actively being supported, this CodePlex project will be maintained and updated often (at least monthly).

SnagL Screenshot

Latest News

Date Description
  • Added new release (1.0.5)
  • Bug fixes
  • Improved Geospatial Clustering
  • Added new release (1.0.4)
  • Updated screen shot on this page
  • Updated and uploaded Quick Reference Guide
  • Added new release (1.0.3)
  • Updated Version History
  • Added new release (1.0.2)
  • Updated Version History
  • Added new release (1.0.1)
  • Updated documentation section
  • Updated Version History
02/28/2011 SnagL CodePlex project goes live

Version History

Additional Information

For additional information, regarding SnagL, you can watch the Channel 9 video which is an interview that was conducted on a previous version of the product. It is important to note that the video was created a couple years ago and was based on a very early version of the product. The product is currently being re-engineered and re-designed from the ground up.

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